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Back Office Welcome

Back Office Welcome

This is my home for all my back Office frustrations over the years.  After a couple of years I noticed that I was fixing the same things over and over again.  Documentation seemed to be the key.  I started out with a local windows files and folders, then a shared files and folders, then an email account support@, then an internal WordPress site, and now this shiny new site for all the world to see and learn from my mistakes.

Most handbooks for employees read like a list of the company’s mistakes.  This project is a lot like that too, I do not fix anything unless its broken or out of date.  People just want to work, and its the back office’s job to makes sure that everything works without them evening knowing what it is that you actually do.

I plan to put up projects in more or less chronological order, which will mean a lot of backdating-especially at the beginning.  I will try to omit any projects or software that is hopelessly out of date.

Anyways come on in, the door is always open.


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